What We Do:

Leeds Specialty Alloys (LSA) is a valuable supplier and business partner to many aluminum, magnesium, titanium and steel companies throughout the world.

Simply put, our customers realize substantial cost savings combined with higher performing materials to enhance THEIR bottom line.

To date, LSA has saved our customers $15.5M, valuable cost savings that accrue to the bottom line.

The following steps illustrate how we develop our business lines by working with our partners:

Our Products

LSA Developing Low Cost Alumina

We developed several product-development stretch goals dating back to 1998, 2003 and 2009 that have now become beneficial commercial products for our customers. So, we thought that we would mention a very ambitious project underway to develop a low-cost alumina; stay tuned, but for now, we are offering the following products:

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Our Products

Asset Recovery

Aerospace Alloys

The wrought aluminum aerospace alloys such as 7075, 7050, 7055 and 2024, attain their high-performance properties because unlike castings, wrought products such as sheet, plate, extrusions and forgings are heavily worked and typically contain little or no defects. Moreover, the thermal mechanical processing and aging treatments are optimized to provide high strength and repeatable ancillary properties that are design drivers: bearing strength, fatigue, fatigue crack growth rate, fracture toughness, corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.
The downside, in terms of production cost, for wrought products in aerospace structures is the fact that the delivered wrought product form must be extensively machined to achieve the geometry of the final part; the part itself is a highly engineered

Mining And Process Tailings

There are thousands of mining sites throughout the world that contain substantial quantities of mining tailings (note: “once targeted ores that contain specific minerals are separated, the low value by-product or waste, known as “tailings”). Many of these sites are massive in terms of total volume and present a very tough environmental challenge to the mine owner.
Once tailing ponds are revisited and subjected to chemical analysis, many possibilities open up
  • The originally targeted minerals, while relatively low in concentration, may have present day market values that warrant further processing and extraction of tailings that were previously written off as waste material.
  • Throughout the history of the mine, the single focus on the targeted

About Us

The Leeds Story

The founders of Leeds Specialty Alloys, Tom Handy and Troy Tack, met at a metallurgical industry conference in 1998. Mr. Tack was a technical and marketing advisor for Fansteel Inc. and was tasked with marketing tantalum, scandium, sodium sulfate and cryolite extracted from tailing ponds. He sought Mr. Handy as his firm Handy and Associates was well respected throughout the aluminum smelting industry and very knowledgeable on the cryolite market. Over time, these two collaborated on various projects related to magnesium alloys, reclamation, cryolite bath and aluminum fluoride. Through these efforts…Read more